by The Moth Body

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A duet squeezed from the pleroma by an insane demiurge



I was a sensible, sensitive soul.
I was never too hot, I was never too cold.
But I swallowed something that sprang from a hole,
And now I've got urges I cannot control.

I was deep in the heart of a nautilus shell.
I didn't feel strong or particularly. well.
When you came to the door of my miserable cell,
I said, welcome you are to my personal hell.

Then we swarmed, And we swayed,
And we tore through the tissue of our pain.
In its way
It was Curious.

Now, I've got a headache that nothing can cure.
And my grip on sanity's less than secure.
See, she put a shadow in my bottom drawer,
And by night it pursues me along the seashore.

I want you to know I'm a keeper of dreams.
I store them in here under my lock and key.
They may not be many, they may not be free,
But we'll live in a palace that no one can see.

Then we swarmed. And we swayed.
And we danced through the liquor and the rain.
All the same
It was Curious.

Will you save me?
I will set your ship aflame,
But will you save me?
I will cut the cord.
I will shut the door...

We will fall,
With the flames,
And we'll dance through the liquor and the rain.
All the same
It was Curious.

And we’ll drink,
By the wall.
We’ll shrink till till we’re seven inches tall.
That’s not tall.
But it’s Curious .


released August 5, 2015
Sam Sejavka - Vocals / Composition
Phaedra Press - Cello
Lisa Gibbs - Vocals, Bass
Loquii Lokiss - Acoustic Guitar
Donald Baldie - Guitars, Percussion / Production



all rights reserved


The Moth Body Melbourne, Australia

Neurasthenia in desiccated gardens with Sam Sejavka (The Ears) and friends.

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